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Virtual Vegan Potluck

The world is a village… well at least the blogoshere is. Poppy over at bunnykitchen liked my about avocado recipes.  I decided to look up her blog.  There I found out about the virtual vegan potluck on November 16th.  I am glad to be participating.  I’m going to make some version of curried potatoes. Stay …

Another Cuppa: The joys of tea drinking

I should begin with the disclaimer that where I come from every hot beverage is referred to as tea.  Even weak coffee is called ditay cafe which loosely translates to “coffee tea”.  I would like to digress for a moment to talk about the coffee tree in our backyard; about how my grandmother prepared the …

Little Girl Dreamer

Look at her, she’s badass.  She can do anything.  She has her entire life ahead of her.  She doesn’t take shit.  She dreams big! She’s gonna take the world by storm.  She’s gonna do big things, change the world.  Make people notice  look out world here she comes!