Blogging the Yoga in Classrooms Online Training – Day 3

As day 3 dawned I had to make some peace between how I thought this would work and how it was actually working. I had taken a course that was supposed to be done over 2 days in person and transferred it to online. I thought people would sign up early and be eager to jump in doing the readings ahead of time and get familiar with the course. I had taken into consideration that most people read slower than me and that my participants would have to go to work, take care of their children and be in different time zones. Luckily I was prepared to be flexible.

So for I reworked the schedule again and changed some requirements to make it more accessible to everyone. Before the course started I thought that there would be more discussion of the reading assignments and that my students would have questions. They seemed to understand really well. So I made my class notes and got ready for the live call. I decided it would be the last group live call.

I also had to deal with online in a way that I did not expect. When I teach I am looking at faces, body language, expressions and more in order to read the room. I try to figure out what students need and make changes as I go along. This means that face to face I could teach from a looser plan. However I thought i would be more effective to teach from a more structured plan. I decided that I would make my class notes detailed and share my screen.

I started grading assignments before the call. I was blown away. My little group is awesome! They came up with ideas I hadn’t even thought of. I know they will make a difference in children’s lives.

6 pm came and I started the call. Eventually everyone showed up. We started with a mediation. I don’t know if my students felt more relaxed afterward but I know I did.

The call went really went. I was grateful for a small group. I definitely think that I will keep these groups at 10 or less. My phone stopped recording all of a sudden. Most of the important information had been shared so I didn’t worry. When I checked my phone I could not find the video but hours later it showed up. I tried to reassure everyone that they could go at their own pace.

After the call I updated the course website, sent out emails and did some more grading. I had dinner, stretched, took a shower and crawled into bed. I wondered why I decided to tackle this and for a moment I almost regretted it. But I reminded myself that if I make a difference in one life and one of my students makes a difference in 1 life the world is a better place.

For the next two days I will be grading assignment and providing one on one support. I don’t know why I’m worried this won’t work. We are past the halfway point already and everyone is exceeding my expectations so far. I’m constantly thinking of ways I can improve the course to get it ready for a bigger platform like Udemy or Skillsare.