Toxic Positivity: Why we need to stop using the phrase “be strong”

In the yoga community yoga philosophy is often misinterpreted as toxic positivity. People say things like happiness is a choice and just be positive. This can be really harmful because it invalidates one’s feelings and emotions. Especially those that result from negative experiences. Most recently I explored the phrase be strong and the specific effects on black women. We are […]

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Respect Movie My thoughts

My thoughts on the Movie Respect

At its core Respect is about black trauma, the things we don’t talk about and the things we tell ourselves to survive. Respect is the new movie about Aretha Franklin Portrayed by Jennifer Hudson in theaters and available to stream on various platforms.   After watching this movie I wanted to share my thoughts.  Here is a quick video I shared […]

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God wants you to forgive yourself – A short meditation

Recently I shared a short meditation focusing on self forgiveness on my YouTube Channel. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves.  When we make mistakes we can engage in negative self talk and even be plain awful to ourselves.  We judge ourselves for what we did when we did not know better or when we were not strong enough […]

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The truth about endo

If you have been around for a while you know that I have endometriosis. I have suffered for endometriosis for most of my life. Recently I made a video about it on my YouTube channel. The video was a collaboration with Audra at Home.  I recently found her channel because two YouTubers I follow, Ti Nappyheadedjojoba and Alicia Kinkysweat recommended […]

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What does the Bible say about meditation?

Many christians think of meditation as something evil, not realizing that meditation is mentioned many times in the bible.  The video below takes a look at some of these mentions.   As early as genesis we see meditation mentioned in the bible.  In the story of Isaac and Rebecca, special mention is made of Isaac going out to the field at […]

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Daily wellness stream

Even though we have more time on our hands many of us find it more difficult to exercise and commit to our well being.  It feels like all you want to do is lay around and eat junk food.  So I created the wellness stream, your daily dose of knowledge, wellness and inspiration. 30 days of wellness streamed live for 30 […]

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Weight loss banner

My Weight loss Journey

So I gained some weight — about 30 pounds in abut 6 months. I am not sure why but we have some ideas. In January when I had my check up my doctor and I came up with a plan. It involves a high protein, low carb diet, no snacking and increased movement. If this doesn’t work we will have […]

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Heartsong Poetry from the heart

Heartsong: A book of poetry from my heart to yours

When you learn to listen to your heart you restore connection and balance. This brings your body, mind and soul into fullness. It makes you whole. You learn that there is a song that always plays there. You learn to listen to that song. Listening to my heart is one of the ways I practice mindfulness and connect to my […]

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Top 5 yoga with mo videos

Yoga with Mo on YouTube – yoga videos and so much more

Did you know that I have a YouTube Channel where I share yoga videos and other content? You can find it at Today I would like to highlight some of the most popular videos I posted over the past few months. I hope you enjoy it! And come back to watch some more. The first video I am sharing […]

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What you missed this week – April turns into May

I have decided to start a little series called What You Missed where I share some highlights from my social media. I hope you enjoy it. First I bring you two replay videos from YouTube. The first is a replay of my Monday Instagram live class. It is a full body warm up designed to relieve tension in the hips […]

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