August 13 11am EST Online Yoga

Online Chair Yoga and Couples Yoga Special

I am excited to tell you about my upcoming online chair yoga class and my big summer special on couples yoga but first let’s catch up. In my last post I said announcements are coming soon and today I will share some of them. The past few months have been really tough. I’ve had a few setbacks to my healing […]

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Show up for you, that’s what really matters

It doesn’t matter what you wear when you practice yoga
It doesn’t matter where you practice yoga
It does not matter how you look when you practice yoga
It matters that you show up committed to do the work

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5 Things that make chronically illness a little easier to manage

**Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something using these links I may be compensated in the form of a commission. This does not add any cost to you. ** If you’ve been here for a while you are aware that I have several chronic illnesses: endometriosis, fibromyalgia, asthma etc. Throughout […]

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New Year Same Scam: There’s nothing wrong with old you

Well this was supposed to be a New Years post. I started it back in December. I was going to start the year off right and inspire you all to love and accept yourself. That didn’t happen. Instead we are sitting here at the end of January and now I will finally wish you a happy new year. The way […]

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Don’t miss out on these discounts and sales

If you missed the book launch party don’t worry you don’t have to miss out on the amazing discounts and sales. They are all listed below. Run don’t walk to get your books and merch. Get some for your family and friends too. 5 minutes of peace ebook, poster and other merch can be purchased from the merch shop […]

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Let Celebrate: Virtual Book Launch Party

This Friday I will host a virtual book launch live on my YouTube channel and I would love you to join me. During the launch party I will share my experience writing the book. You will get to meet the artist who designed the cover and the photographer. There will be giveaways and discounts to buy the book at a reduced price.

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I FINALLY finished my yoga book after 3.5 years!!

Today I am happy to announce that 5 Minutes of Peace: Yoga for Today’s woman will be available on Friday October 1st!!!!! I first mentioned my book on here as part of the Fit and Healthy giveaway in 2018. In Jan 2019 I unveiled the book with a fundraiser. I will share more about the process in a later post. […]

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Toxic Positivity: Why we need to stop using the phrase “be strong”

In the yoga community yoga philosophy is often misinterpreted as toxic positivity. People say things like happiness is a choice and just be positive. This can be really harmful because it invalidates one’s feelings and emotions. Especially those that result from negative experiences. Most recently I explored the phrase be strong and the specific effects on black women. We are […]

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