Beautiful You 2020 – Happy New Year!!!!

How is 2020 going so far? I’m doing better than I have since 2016 and I am planning so much for you. Before I get into that let’s talk about 2019.

How was 2019? Was it amazing? Did it kick your butt? what did you learn. Here’s a few highlights of some of the things I did this year:

  • Taught yoga at my rheumatologist’s office
  • Taught 3 pad making wokshops
  • Started feeding a stray cat
  • Volunteered with Herstoire to educate girls about menstrual hygiene
  • Started teaching at a new resort
  • Did 2 fundraising walks (walked and did yoga)
  • Did 1 fun walk
  • Did a virtual Lupus Awareness walk
  • Started doing henna tattoos
  • Did 2 corporate yoga events
  • Did 3 school yoga events
  • Learned to do passion twists
  • Planned a retreat
  • Hosted a beauty brunch
  • Became a Certified Barre Instructor
  • Lived, loved, laughed and celebrated life!

In 2019 I called you to to live you best life and I gifted you with a planner to help you reach your goals. Today I want invite you to become your most beautiful self. The theme for the year is beautiful you. I was inspired by the following quote:

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I designed a calendar around the theme but I realized how expensive it would be. If you would like a copy of the Beautiful You 2020 calendar make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter. Next week we will explore this more but it the meantime you can read some details in the Instagram posts below. In the meantime you can feel free to tag me on social media and use #beautifulyou2020 on any posts on self love, self acceptance and self care.

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Let’s talk about you! Stepping into 2020 I want to invite you to find ALL of your beauty and embrace it! Each month we will work on something different so by the end of the year we will come into our full beauty. For January we will begin by no longer apologizing for ourselves. We are who we are! We can love ourselves, work on becoming better without apologizing for who we are. Embrace the things that makes you YOU! I’m not apologizing because I don’t cry at sad movies. I’m not apologizing because I’m passionate about social injustice. I’m not apologizing because I cry when people make up lies about me. I’m not apologizing for my chronic illnesses. I’m not apologizing because I cannot go to church. I’m not apologizing because sometimes I miss going to church. I’m not apologizing for believing in love. I’m not apologizing for enjoying being single. I’m not apologizing for being incredibly intelligent. I’m not apologizing for my kinky hair, my perky breasts, curvy hips and supple skin. I’m not apologizing because people find me attractive. I’m not apologizing for using my voice, standing up for myself and stepping into my power. I AM STRONG. I love who I am and that makes me powerful. Apologies are needed when mistakes are made. I am not a mistake and neither are you! Join me. Stop apologizing. Start now. Comment below one thing or more you will stop apologizing for. #beautifulyou2020

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And finally I hosted a gratitude challenge this holiday season over on Instagram with Tamiko and Janelle. Also we did not have many participants quite a few people expressed a desire to participate so we decided to keep it going with #thankfulthusdays. See the Instagram post below for more details.

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So what are your goals for 2020?

Comment below let me know how I can help you each you goals this year.

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