Books By Monetta

A book of 5 minute yoga practices for today’s woman. The woman who makes things happen. The woman who adapts. The woman who is running a business and trying to have a life. The one running a household and trying to have a life. The one going to school, while working and raising her children. The woman who is ready to live on her terms. The woman who knows what kind of life she wants and makes it happen.

These short practices that can be done throughout the day or put together to form longer practices. Each of the ten practices is crafted with love to meet a specific goals such energizing morning routine, relaxing morning routine, and post workout routine. There are also 2 bonus routines for mommies: a prenatal routine and a postnatal routine. Follow along to find 5 minutes of peace on your journey to live your best life.

Yoga is fun for the entire family. Follow along to this exciting book that teaches the joy of yoga in a simple and easy to understand story.

This book is love letter to children set in the village of Mon Repos on the island of Saint Lucia. It takes the child on a journey through a simple yoga routine that can be practiced daily. It is appropriate for children of all ages and great bedtime read.

When you learn to listen to your heart you restore connection and balance.  This brings your body, mind and soul into fullness. It makes you whole. You learn that there is a song that always plays there.  You learn to listen to that song. Enjoy this offering of verses from my heart to yours.

This book is a collection of poetry exploring issues of life, love and loss.  With bold imagery and lyrical content these poems are sure to connect to your heart and evoke deep emotions in your soul.